Sri Vidya Upasana in the presence of Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamigal on June 9 in Mississauga and June 10 in Brampton

Dear devotees,

We are pleased to announce that Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamigal of Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram will be with us to bless us during the two day Pujas and Homams in Mississauga and Brampton on June 9 & 10.  Please see details below. 

June 9 - Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja performed by Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamigal at Hindu Heritage Centre, Mississauga, Canada

Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamigal was born as the illustrious second son and also a very competent disciple of rare talent of our Guru Sri Vimarshananda Nathendra Saraswati Maha Swamigal. 

Having born in the family with rich heritage of Vedic scholarship & Sri Vidya Upasana, Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamigal (in his Poorvashrama called fondly as Sundara Chittappa) followed the prescribed ordainments and was initiated into the Srividya upasana by his Poorvashrama grand father and Guru Sri Prakashananda Natha. 

Later, under the tutelage of his Poorvashrama father he learnt the nuances of Sri Devi Puja. To put it in a nutshell, he is a practicing Sri Vidyopasaka par excellence and no field or practices in the Great Ocean of Sri Vidya worship is untouched or unvisited by him.

As a Sri Vidya Upasaka he attained the consummate status and got devout disciples. By the will of Sri Parameshwara and by steadfastly following the path laid by the forefathers, he vowed to transcend into the Fourth Phase of Sanyasam on January 1st, 2017.  

It is indeed a great blessing for all of us that he consented to travel to North America to perform Sri Vidya Navavarana pujas this year. Devotees will be performing the archana to Sri Yantras with Sri Devi Khadgamala and Lalita Trisati in his presence and we encourage every devotee to register here as early as possible to reserve your seats.

The Devi Khadgamala is a very important Mantra for a Srividya Upasaka. The origins of this Vidya may be traced to Puranas and Tantras. The Khadgamala mantras are regularly chanted by those who are duly initiated into Srividya and those who perform Nitya Japa of Devi. It is said that mere recitation of Khadgamala confers not only the Pooja Phala of complete Navavarana worship, but also of every other form of worship.

June 10 - Sri Shata Chandi Maha Yagnam at Sri Bhuvaneswari Temple, Brampton, Canada

With the blessings of Goddess Chandika Mahalakshmi and our Guru Parampara, disciples of Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram will be conducting a Shata Chandi Maha Yagnam in the divine presence of Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamigal.

Program details are below. 

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