With the blessings of our Gurus Sri Vimarshananda Nathendra Saraswati Swamiji, Sri Gnanananda Teertha Swamiji, Sri Yegnarathnam Deekshitar and Sri Ramakrishna Deekshitar, we have commenced the Lalita Sahasranama Koti Archana to invoke the blessings of the joyful Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari to bestow every enjoyment one can get in this world.

Each Lalitha Sahasranamam Archana consists of 1000 names of Goddess Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari and when this one set of 1000 names is chanted 10,000 times we can complete the Koti Archana.

Our Guru Sri Vimarshananda Swamiji always insisted on performing Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam on a frequent basis and toured all over India to teach devotees to chant Lalitha Sahasranamam for more than 50 years. As our humble offering to our Guru, we wish that devotees from all parts of the world join us by performing the Lalitha Sahasranamam Archana.

To facilitate everyone to perform this Archana on a daily basis, we have published the Lalitha Sahasranamam Namavali book in various languages. This book also contains simple method for performing the Puja before starting the Archana and the concluding steps.

Lalitha Sahasranamam - Namavali (Tamil)

Lalitha Sahasranamam - Namavali (Sanskrit)

Lalitha Sahasranamam - Namavali (Telugu)

Lalitha Sahasranamam - Namavali (Kannada)

Lalitha Sahasranamam - Namavali (English)

Also, audio resource for performing the Puja is published to enable devotees to chant along with the audio recording.

Audio file : https://bhaskaraprakasha.org/kotiarchana

We invite devotees across the globe to pledge a number of Archanas they would like to perform towards the Koti Archana. Please click on the link if you would like to pledge: http://bit.ly/KotiArchanaPledge

To facilitate this divine event and to encourage many devotees to participate, group chanting sessions are planned in various places in USA and Canada. Individuals can also perform at their houses and log the Archana counts using this link http://bit.ly/KotiArchanaLog

We sincerely pray that we can complete this divine endeavor by June 2020 so that we can have the conclusion of this Koti Archana in various cities of USA and Canada during Summer 2020.