New Publication: Sri Devi Khadgaadi Panchadasha Mala

Dear devotees,

With the blessings of our Guru Sri Sri Vimarshananda Nathendra Saraswathi Maha Swamigal and Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari, we are very happy to release the first edition of Sri Devi Khadgaadi Panchadasha Mala

The Devi Khadgamala is a very important Mantra for a Srividya Upasaka. The origins of this Vidya may be traced to Puranas and Tantras. The Khadgamala mantra can be chanted only by those who are duly initiated into Srividya and those who perform Nitya Japa of Devi.

Among the fifteen Khadgamalas, five are for Shakti, five for Shiva and the other five for Shiva-Shakti as Mithunas. Each of this set of five has Sambudyanta, Swaahaanta, Tarpananta, Jayanta and Namonta. The Tripurarnava tantra prescribes that Sambudhyanta is to be used for Japa, Swahanta for Homa, Tarpananta for Tarpana, Jayanta for Stotra and Namonta for Archana. It is said that mere recitation of Khadgamala confers not only the Pooja Phala of complete Navavarana worship, but also of every other form of worship. Khadgamala Parayanam is regarded as an integral part of a Srividya Upasaka's routine. 

The very first part of the Vidya speaks of the Guru Mandalas who are Yuga gurus of Srividya. Amba and Parameshwara, having assumed the forms of these Nathas, have propagated Srividya in the different Yugas. The deities mentioned in the mantra are the Avarana deities of the nine enclosures of Srichakra, and correspond to the chakras in our body. Chanting Khadgamala systematically ensures the awakening of these powers in our body and lead to the state of supreme consciousness, which is the state of 'Shivam'. The chanting of Khadgamala should also be accompanied by the Manasika Yajana of these deities in their repective Chakras in the body. Then truly, the actual form of Srichakra in the Sadhaka's own self will be realised and Lalita as one's very Self. 

We are thankful to Bhaskara Prakasha Ashram volunteers for their efforts in bringing out this publication. Special thanks are due to Srikanth Vaidyanathan, Sriram Srinivasan and Akhila Ranganathan for their untiring efforts. We sincerely hope that this book will be useful for the devotees of Maha Tripura Sundari for their daily prayers.

K.R. Yegnarathnam & Raghu Ranganathan