Sanyasa Sweekaram of Sri Gnanananda Natha Tirtha Swamigal - Photos

Dear Devotees,

Please click here to view the photos from the Sanyasa Ashrama Sweekaram ceremony. Thanks to Sri R. Subramanian and Sri K.S. Lakshmanan for the photography.   

The Ashrama Sweekaram function was performed in the traditional Vaideeka style. Prior to the Sanyasa Sweekaram, Ashta Sraddham and Viraja Homam were performed.  There are prescribed disciplines to be followed when a person changes from Grahastha Ashram to Sanyasa Ashrama. Also, our shastras prescribe the daily anushtanam (duties) for a sanyasi.  

It is noteworthy that the duties and obligations for a sanyasi and the methods required for Krama Sanyasa (Sanyasa sweekara taken by a grahastha as prescribed in our vedas and dharma shastras) were published in 1959 from ancient manuscripts by our parama guru Sri Prakashananda Nathendra Saraswathi.

We would also like to share with you a Tamil translation of the Sanyasa Shlokas by Sri K Kalyanaraman Iyer. Sri Kalyanaraman is a great friend of our families. He belongs to our Siddhamalli Parampara and he is the son and disciple of Sri Vidya Guru Kalyana Sundaram Iyer of Madurai.